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Days 26-27: Esquel, Argentina

February 6th, 2011 by *MoonDogg*

We spent two nights in Esquel, Argentina. There is not a whole lot to do. Khristian and my parents had already been there a couple days, and I guess they did a hike. The first night I was there Khristian and I walked up to a lake to check out the sunset. Wasn’t all that exciting, and the walk was along a dusty dirt road, again not that exciting. There was a really cool cat there, though.

Close to the lake was a ranch house with dogs, a horse, some sheep I think, and who knows what else. While we were looking at the lake this cat walked up and stopped about 20 feet from us, and just sat there and watched what we were doing.  Then I called it over, and it came running, and seemed to be super excited. I pet it, and from that moment on it was my best friend. It followed me every where I went. When I stopped walking, it would start rubbing it’s head on my feet. As I walked, it would run alongside me, crouching down in the grass, like it was hunting, then it would leap out at me like it was attacking. It was really cool. I don’t normally see myself as ever owning a cat, but if I could have one like that one, I’m in. 

The next day we road the ‘La Trochita’ train. It’s one of only a few ‘narrow gauge’ trains still running in the world, powered by a steam engine. It used to be a primary form of transportation until not veery long ago. Now it’s just a tourist trap, and while it was interesting, I was expecting it to be more in the mountains.  It ran only in the foothills, and ended at a small market with locally artisans. I did end up buying a bombilla for my mate cup, that I still had not purchased at this point. 

The next morning the parents were off to the bus stop and heading back to Buenos Aires. A few hours larder, Khristian and are were on the bus for a 22 hour ride to El Calafate. 

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