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Maiden Reunion

October 4th, 2013 by *MoonDogg*


Was surprised to meet some old high school buddies at the Iron Maiden concert in San Berdoo a couple weeks ago. Haven’t seen or talked to some of them in decades. Good Times

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Finally got a 1st place

July 2nd, 2013 by *MoonDogg*

I drove 6 hours up to Lakeshore, CA this weekend to race in the China Peak Enduro. Race #3 in the California Enduro Series. I was a scorching hot weekend all over California, but fortunately we were at an elevation of 8000 ft, so the temps were a bit cooler than elsewhere.


I registered Saturday around noon, and was able to get in 4 practice runs. The trails were really fun, and fairly long with lots of pedaling. The berms were mostly soft and deep, there were some tight trees sections, some rock gardens and some flat out speed sections. Overall I would say the best course I’ve raced so far.


Sunday was race day. I was in the second wave of riders to leave the start, so I had a bit more time in the morning to get ready. My brake magically decided to stop working. I messed with them, debating whether I should bleed them or not, and decided I didn’t’ have time.


There was only one climb during this race, right in the beginning, up to the start of stage one. After that, everyone rode the chairlift. At first I was pretty disappointed, but after actually starting the climb, I changed my mind. It was long and steep, with several hike-a-bike sections. Though it turns out we could have avoided those sections if we stayed on the correct road. Regardless, it would have really sucked to do that climb more than once.

I did pretty well on stage 1, no mistakes, but I did get caught behind a slower rider for quite a long way. I probably should have been more vocal about my desire to pass. For some reason I just felt bad.

Stage 2 I had a pretty big wipe-out in deep and soft turn. I got a mouth full of dirt and my goggles were hard to see out of after that. Probably lost about 10 seconds. The rest of the run was clean.

Stage 3b

Stage 3 was a lot longer than the first 2, and I had a good run, except for getting stuck behind several other riders. Still I don’t think I lost too much time. But looking back and realizing I only won my class by 9 seconds, I realize how important it is to get by other riders ASAP.

Stage 4 we epic. I wiped out in the first turn, and from then on I was just all over the place, overshooting berms, clipping rocks with my pedals, getting off my line. I hit a rock really hard with my rear rim, it made a really loud ping sound, and I though for sure it was going to pinch flat and my race was over. But to my surprise it held, and that gave me some extra motivation to ride faster. From then on I was in the zone, and really had a fast clean run.


In the end I was able to hold off the competition and stand at the top of the podium. It was a good feeling. The competition was pretty stiff, and I haven’t been training as much as I had hoped to. But I think my technical skills made of for any lack of fitness.

One race left in the series, and I’m in second. There is only one point between each of the top 3 guys. Santa Cruz will be the showdown.

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Lisa’s Weekend

January 4th, 2011 by *MoonDogg*

Bar Hopping Gang

Lisa Aoki put on a really fun weekend as a going away party for her. She is moving to the Dominican Republic to SWTNIG. We had a private dinner at Ramos House in San Juan, complete with live music, and Khristian taking photos. It was bitter cold out, but nobody cared. I had the Mac and Cheese, and let me just say it was the best M&C I have ever had. And the dessert was epic as well. Altogether a definite dinner to remember.

I unfortunately forgot my wallet in my car back in San Clemente. I bailed in Khristian’s car after I was done eating, and made it back to the train station with about 3 minutes to spare. We hopped on board and headed to San Diego. I have always wanted to ride the train down there. We checked into our rooms, then headed out to a really nice bar, the Ivy Wine Bar I think it was called.

After a few hours of dancing, drinks and thievery (you know who you are), we called it night. We had breakfast at the Hard Rock in the morning. A few people caught an early train, but the rest of us did a little bar hopping all afternoon, and ended up catching a train around 9PM.

Shout outs to my new friends Devron and Lorena. It’s not often you meet women as gorgeous as they are, let alone two in the same weekend.

My photos of the weekend are HERE

Khristians photos of the dinner are HERE

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Santa Cruz Road Trip

June 7th, 2007 by *MoonDogg*

10 of us spent the Memorial Day weekend riding epic trails in Santa Cruz. With the help of our friendly guides, we experience some very memorable rides, especially in Aptos. This was probably the best ride I have ever been on, which isn’t saying a lot, really. An 8+ mile fireroad trek, then down another 6 miles of the sweetest singletrack through some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine.

Khristian and Ian - Foggy Forest

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MotoGP 2006

March 24th, 2006 by *MoonDogg*

Finally! The 2006 season begins this weekend. There have been a lot of team and rider changes since last season. I need to spend some time getting caught up on who is who, and who is riding for who. I’m not generally one to follow sports, but MotoGP is probably the most exciting form of racing there is. I used to follow it closely when I was young, and got back into it last season. I’ll be heading up to Monterey again this summer with my dad, Donell and Robert to watch the USA stop of the tour.

Valentino Rossi’s dominance is in jeopardy this year, with a slew of young guns joining the fight for his crown.

Go Nicky Hayden!!

Nicky Hayden Number One

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1st Annual SCBS

February 5th, 2006 by *MoonDogg*

Cya next year…..


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July 25th, 2005 by *MoonDogg*

Last night was time for another concert (how many has that been now?) Megadeth and Dream Theater were headlining the Gigantour festival. We got there late, mostly on purpose, because we had little interest is seeing some of the opening acts. I personally would like to have seen them, but they were a little heavy for the other guys.

Dream Theater was amazing, as expected. A show not to be missed. Megadeth was good also, but a little dissapointing. The sound was awful, the drums were far too loud, and their stage presence was a little boring. But Dave Mustaine is about the music, not the hype, and he rocked.

Overall a good time, and Khristian’s 4th concert to date. “Now I’m starting to feel like a real metaller” he says….


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MotoGP Round 7 – Laguna Seca, California

July 14th, 2005 by *MoonDogg*

We started out early on Friday. I met Donell and Robert at Pipes, which wasn’t open yet, so we got on the road. After a quick stop at my office to reboot a server, we were on our way to meet my dad, Gary, in LA. After refueling and going over the route we were going to take, we were on our way.
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